Yoga – The Most Relaxing Way to do Fitness

We love fitness in our little group, but of all the types of fitness out there, we do have our favorites. One of the workout routines we all love to do is Yoga, because it is incredibly relaxing and serene. The fun thing about Yoga is that it looks divine and has an otherworldly quality to it. It’s the kind of thing you can do on a beach in Hawaii and look amazing (like the photo in the video down there). It reminds me a lot of Tai Chi, which also has this serenity to it, you know? Still, Yoga is better for buring calories and at the same time, you stretch a lot and become more flexible over time very easily. Other types of workout neither look this good nor are they relaxing.

Check out the video above for some Yoga music that I like to use. Youtube is great, isn’t it?

Anyway, let’s talk about how to get started!

One of the things I love about Yoga is that it doesn’t require a gym membership or expensive tools of any kind. All you need is a mat and directions. Sure, you could join a Yoga class, do the sequences live and meet new people, but not everybody has time for that. Besides, you want to do it when you feel like it, not when there’s a class!  There is no need to do things manually like that anymore, since there are training DVDs like Yoga burn out there that are popular these days. Here are some Yoga burn reviews by someone from Hawaii who does work as a fitness coach.

Once you are aimed with a mat and your trusty video guide, you can get going wherever you want. The cool think about those types of videos is that you can even watch them on a tablet device, so you can basically go out somewhere into nature, set up you tablet and you can start! It’s a lot of fun to do Yoga in cool places, not just on the beach or in the park, but any great spot you can find. Hint: get good before you show off your skills so you can feel doubly good about doing Yoga 😉 I love it when people are in awe as they walk past me out there in nature, ha ha ha!

To me, Yoga has a special place in my heart and life. I’ve infected everybody around me with it and I don’t want to miss it anymore. Due to the relaxing nature of the exercises, Yoga does have a connection to meditation and can help to put your mind at ease. Back in the day, I used to have a lot of sleep problems and a busy mind that kept me up for hours sometimes. Since I started doing Yoga regularly, these kinds of issues have all but disappeared. If you have similar issue, you really ought to try Yoga for a while and see if that helps – but you really need to do it regularly and don’t give up too quickly, okay?