Rocket Raccoon is Great

Rocket Raccoon and Groot, a team the world has never seen before. Rocket’s own solo series was supposed to be about him, but what would Raccoon be without his best friend Groot?

What happens Rocket is accused of having committed various murders, stupid only if he himself knows nothing about it and is innocently thrown into prison and has to prove that he is not responsible for the crimes. Besides, also his exes join together to get revenge on Rocket. With the search for the true murderer the raccoon realizes that it may be possible that it is not the last of its kind.

Beside many shootings and prison breakouts, you see here a completely different Rocket Raccoon. So he is much more thoughtful and downhearted than one is accustomed to. Nevertheless ultra funny and brightly coloured. Rocket owes his extraordinary performance in particular to the implementation of Skottie Young. He paints him as the sexiest Avenger, depicting him as a womanizer early on, much different than his MCU counterpart. Bright colours make this comic something interesting and exciting. Both his character and the charm he radiates should be enough entertainment, but when you read this comic, you get much more than that.

The solo series about the raccoon (who claims not to be one) is simply a must for everyone who is not only a fan of the GotG but also loves fast action and wit in abundance.

Actually they only wanted to help Captain Marvel but now the Guardians of the Galaxy are at odds and their spaceship is destroyed. This is where the Star Lord and Rocket series starts. I have a fondness for the small, fluffy bigmouth and master strategist Rocket so I couldn’t miss this mini-series.

You can imagine yourself stranded on earth as an alien and then looking like a native animal smells mighty bad. What’s more, Rocket doesn’t like Earth either. So what’s the way out? The Avengers will have some way to get him out of that annoying bullet. After all, he’s already in New York. So it can’t be that hard.

Be sure to check out for Rocket Raccoon goodness, and the Rocket Raccoon Discord server.

Any hero could have done better in his fight against Thanos, and yes, Star Lord destroyed the best plan to defeat him. But at least he had a reason to endanger life. The fans didn’t know at the time, but a senseless crime done by Rocket in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″ led on a long way to the victory of Thanos in “Infinity War”:

Rocket Raccoon’s path towards destroying half of the entire universe began inconspicuously when in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″ the fans plunged directly into the action and showed how successful the team had become since the first film. In a world dominated by Sovereign, their task was simple: Kill the Abilisk who was expected to arrive at any moment. It was known that the Anulax batteries were used as energy sources that were far too valuable to be lost to a cosmic monster – a detail Rocket had not missed. In return for their success, the Guardians received something other than cash. They did the job for Gamora so that she could take over her sister Nebula and be put on trial at the Nova Corps.

But that wasn’t enough for Rocket. Instead of keeping their deal, he decided to collect as many Anulax batteries as he could carry. Obviously a crime that would be noticed immediately. As soon as the normal-thinking Guardian members (Peter and Gamora) discover that Rocket has robbed their employers, they are so outraged and panic-stricken. Rocket had turned them all into enemies of an empire because of an unwise decision, and the effects of his betrayal soon drive the whole film. But that is not the only effect of his actions…

Rocket’s got a lot to put up with. He’s called a beaver, a skunk, a porcupine and a rat. One wonders whether the Americans are actually familiar with their own fauna. Before Rocket can track down other aliens, he gets in trouble with the police. Being an alien in New York isn’t exactly a piece of cake in general. Especially not when they make such a good prey. Kraven the Hunter seems to have a special interest in the aliens in New York at the moment. Of course, he will take the fight.

Rocket is as snappy as ever and is not very fond of his way through New York. The comic is entertaining and funny. There is not only the meeting with Kraven, but also short meetings with Spider-Man and the torch in a tnm rapbattle. In the comic, he is drawn more angular. The drawings thus do justice to his character. He is a daredevil and not just fluffy, as shown on the cover. Despite his preference for weapons, he can defend himself just as easily with his hands.

Also suitable for comic book beginnersSackgasse Erde also works detached from the previous stories. Without background knowledge only a joke passes you by. With a few exceptions, the panel leadership can be seen at first glance. The reading flow is hardly inhibited by this. An entry into the Marvel universe would be quite possible here.