Lean Belly Websites for a Lifestyle Breakthrough

I see more and more people that look for new ideas for healthy recipes and fitness tips to improve their lives. They either want to get a lean belly or maintain it, but such a breakthrough needs the right guidelines to follow.

Online content on this topic varies from recipes, fitness, living healthy, and much more. However, getting the best ideas will ultimately depend on the website you chose to follow. Many websites out there are not that genuine and there are thousands of them, so finding the best ones can be daunting.

What you need are recipes that are both delicious and healthy, so here is my review of the best resources when it comes to clean cooking websites or blogs. The sites I recommend here are reliable, avoid junk food and have great recipes that I have used many times. If you just started your lean belly breakthrough quest, you will fall in love with the sites below.

Review Alert – this is a cute blog by two girls from Hawaii who I know would be my best friends if I lived nearby. We are on the same wavelength and I love their passion when they review fitness and health programs and products. They are not so much about recipes or describing exercises, but about reviewing fitness programs. This is particularly worthwhile, because there is a lot of misinformation out there and here is a source that I know I can trust. They even have a huge blacklist of products that are just smoke and mirrors. I love it!

cookinglight.com – Here you will find an array of an array of recipes touching on everyday meals, quick but healthy food, vegetarian, and ideas of the cooking oil to use. When it comes to fitness, information on weight loss, fitness exercises which are readily available. Furthermore, they offer healthy living videos to cater for all your health needs.

marksdailyapple.com – The blog writer is a legendary wen it comes to abs. He is a former endurance athlete who is dedicated to health and fitness, which he does by “primal living.” All of his paleo-style lean belly recipes can be found on his blog. The best part is that Mark Sisson does exactly what he teaches.

health.com – This site offers information that puts the health of people above else. They have incorporated an understanding of real people and health experts. The site has medical content that is 100% factual. They answer questions of how it happened, what it feels like, what you can do about it, and why it matters. The site as a whole is focused on problem-solving content that helps you when you are down and stressed. Using real life information makes it much easier to solve problems.

marthastewart.com – This site a popular site around the world due to its variety when it comes to recipes. Martha Stewart gives an array of information not only about recipes but a healthy lifestyle in general. She presents all recipes in alphabetical order to make it easier to go through.

jillianmichaels.com – When it comes to fitness, Michaels is now a name that is known. The site offers advice concerning your nutrition in addition to your fitness. The whole purpose is to have you have a body that is all rounded from the confines of your own home. The flexibility of the information allows you to eat while at the same time exercising your body that in the end will ultimately help you build up a lifestyle that is healthy for you.